Homeless Durban Man Found with Bomb


King of de Jungle
Mar 17, 2005
Police in Durban have defused a bomb they found in the trolley of a homeless man, it was reported on Friday.

Desmond Daniels, sales representative for the security firm UDI electronics, told The Witness a member of the public raised the alert about a man carting scrap metal along a road in Durban north on Thursday.

A security team had found the bomb in the homeless man's trolley.

The police were called, and the bomb squad removed the device from the trolley. It was placed on a patch of ground at the corner of Romsey Grove and Collard Road.

Police Colonel Vincent Mdunge told The Witness: "The origin [of the bomb] is not known. It's not the type of mortar bomb that has been used in recent times."

He said the bomb was old, possibly from World War Two.

The man had told the police that he found the bomb in a field at Greenwood Park.

Mdunge said it might have been buried for years in the field and have become uncovered through natural soil erosion.

He said the homeless man disappeared after police questioned him.

According to reports, the mortar bomb was later taken away for disposal by the bomb unit.

Source : Sapa /ns/hdw/clh/rod
Date : 08 Mar 2013 14:15


A Djinn
Jan 7, 2010
Daniels said a few minutes later a police van drove past.

“We flagged the van and explained what we had found. The policeman confirmed it was a bomb. He told us to take the suspect and the bomb to the Greenwood Park police station.”

The policeman then drove off, Daniels said.
Dafuq? I don't usually say this but the police are f***ing useless.


Honorary Master
Apr 8, 2006
The closed the entire bloody M4 freeway during rush hour traffic because of this... apparently..