How are you doing with the current interest rates?

How are you doing with the current interest rates?

  • Barely managing / Scraping by

    Votes: 18 24.0%
  • Managing fine / No change

    Votes: 25 33.3%
  • Making extra payments monthly / Doing well

    Votes: 9 12.0%
  • Dont own a property / Home-loan paid off

    Votes: 23 30.7%

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its the general soaring of the cost of living that is moering...
This is the thing. The cost of living has just got totally out of hand. Had to travel to the city earlier this week to get some stuff. R13,5k for a queensize XL mattress, R600 per pair for Johnson work shorts, R24,58/litre for diesel, R3865 for 10 litres of livestock dewormer. It's just crazy.

Fuel prices are just off the scale. We are far from everything and need to travel for most stuff. 100km for monthly groceries, 40km to town, 160km to a city. Annual mileage is pretty close to the national annual average but the cost is high.

I've been debt free for many years so cannot imagine if one still had to add various forms of debt to the monthly costs.
Doing alright, managed to squash most all of my debt, few bits and bobs left. About 2 months until being debt free in totality. From then on out the high interest is a blessing.
Managing the interest fine but the bank did help me out a bit. It went up a bit and then they froze it so I haven't felt the full extent.

I purchased during covid and I obviously did factor in increases but did not factor in everything else going up,