How Bolt plans to beat Uber in South Africa


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Oct 19, 2007
Bolt is WAYYYY worse than Uber.

Bolt Drivers accept cash trips mostly
Bolt drivers accept trips then cancels or ask you to cancel and rather take you on your trip off the app.
They ALWAYS complain about accepting trips with promo codes and ask for that money in cash or complain about it all the time during the trip.

Don't believe me? Join the Facebook group Bold,Uber,Indrive,CityOne drivers and clients. They complain there 24/7. They don't want to pay commission to Bolt so only take cash trips until their cash trips gets blocked then they harass you for cash tips when paying with card.

Bolt is trying their best to keep driver partners at bay with updates like removing the cash or card display when a driver accepts the trip and reducing the balance drivers can owe Bolt before blocking cash trips for example a driver partner with -R500 (owing Bolt) will have cash trips blocked.

The backlash and complains this caused the riders will feel.

Uber on the other hand has other issues. Drivers getting stuck in traffic complaining non stop to riders even though we get charged more. Driver partners declining trips in congested suburbs because they don't want to get stuck in traffic. Happened to me. Uber stuck finding a driver for 15min or so because they don't want to get stuck in traffic. When someone eventually accepted I had to have a earful the whole trip how he regretted accepting my trip he should have continued declining like the other drivers.

Worst part. They rate you 1 star as a rider. I had my rating dropped to 3 star as a rider just because of traffic after 10 trips. I got a message from Uber about respecting driver partners and being patient and thoughtful..... Jesus wtf is that and I rated all of the 5 stars.

Might still try InDriver and CityOne and see how they are but Uber and Bolt NO WAY! Better to pay those dodgy meter taxi parking at the Gautrain stations at least they respect and treat you better.


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Dec 4, 2007
I have honestly never had issues with Uber and the one time I used Bolt it was fine.


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Feb 16, 2020
How Bolt plans to beat Uber in South Africa

Bolt is the fastest-growing ride-hailing platform in the world and plans to take the top spot away from Uber in South Africa.

This is according to Gareth Taylor, Bolt country manager for South Africa.
I find it extremely hard to believe that bolt plans to beat uber when they are incapable of fixing the security concerns for both passengers and drivers from a passengers perspective there are too many dodgy drivers who have pending cases against them from everything from assault to theft etc from the driver's perspective there are criminal gangs who target Bolt drivers to hijack them rob them and in some instances even kill them and the bolt security team lack the training and experience in dealing with such complex matters that involve people's lives.

I have seen firsthand what the vehicle inspection process is at Bolt in South Africa and it is unbelievable that inexperienced bolt staff are tasked with inspecting a vehicle and they use no specialised equipment whereas uber send all their vehicles to dekra to be inspected by the automotive professionals and bolt plans on beating uber I think they have grossly underestimated the challenge that they face.