How criminals cost networks millions

These criminals don't care.
They will destroy anything to get their hands on something that they can sell.
Please note, that photo showing the wall, its not a concrete wall! its a brick wall!!!!!
Spoke to a buddy who works at a scrap metal place over the weekend.

Copper is R71.60 per kilo. The problem he says lies in that buyers will buy the copper without any papers if the seller agrees to give him a cut.

He told me that he'd seen countless times how the buyers would actually go stand on the scale to increase the weight and total amount he'll subsequently get.
The problem is that if you have nothing and it won't impact you, there is nothing to lose. If you reap reward, no matter how small, it is better than what you have.
I work in law enforcement. The only solution to this heinous crimes are mandatory long term imprisonment. More resources should be allocated and specialised units tasked to combat this. It can't carry on like this. The people and the economy are suffering.