How does one choose the perfectly lady to date


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May 14, 2008
Whether or not you believe in it, on some level you are choosing, everyone is.

Recent studies have even gone so far as to identify some of the mechanisms that go into the making of these choices.
Thats what I've been saying.

/me thanks SlinkyMike's primary english teacher.


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Feb 12, 2005
A plan yes, but i don't think it will help him much. If you don't know what you're looking for having endless options makes things worse.

The answer is not which to go for but in what order. This is where you decide, for instance, that personality is no1, then looks, then ambition, etc. The choice is your's and rightly so.

I haven't had much experience with relationships but I'm wise;) so here's a few suggestions;

Don't make it happen, let it happen.
Someone who makes you feel happy and comfortable(without doing anything) is best.
Looks are important, but like most things, less important once you have them.
Personality is your best shot if you're thinking long term. Don't think long term!:D
Chemistry is good, but shortlived and based on the cover and not the contents (of a book).
Same hobbies and & interest are just as good as different ones.
Don't let your past relationships unduly influence your decision.
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Jun 24, 2008
The problem is, "I like all the ladies". We all get a long well, we've the same interest, and the reason I am going to invite them all over, is to see if they all get along. Just now I date one and she gets jealous of my female friends.....
Then it will not be difficult to make a choice, but remember, you will NOT get a perfect one!


Mar 25, 2008
Seriously speaking now....
I am to afraid of making the wrong choose :((
Many ladies want to date me, but I come with excuses like I am busy.

The reason for all this is my previous girlfriend/fiancee slept with my x best friend..
And wasted approx 5 years of my life with her ;(
Sorry to hear but it is like riding a bike, there is no guarantee that you won't fall and break your skull and back and pelvic bone, but if you do then heal a bit and get back on the bike :)

Go look for a lady that makes you ahppy and that likes/loves you for who you are.... Also if she happens to be hot so be it :D

I have one very important standard that I apply to the ladies I date - and that is if they are breathing, they pass the test...


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Aug 4, 2005
its law of avg.. if u not getting any, someone else is having more than an avg luck :p


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Feb 28, 2008
Some interesting perspective wrt the face to ass ratio. However might I suggest inclusion of some other factors
- looks 2 personality ratio
- looks to intelligence ratio

Personally I would rater date a six with awesome personality and that is able to at least hold a conversation rather than having a supermodel with the personality of a piece of lettuce and intelligence of a brick. I gather that there are at least some people who would tend to agree.