How much it costs to bullet-proof your car in South Africa

So we are at the point where we have to drive a tank to feel safe in South Africa.
uhm..i wonder how slow that golf got when they put in armor glass as that would have weighed down the vehicle and messed with fuel consumption. Imagine being a fellow student / friend and notice your friend is driving in a tank.

So if cost wasn't an issue, putting in handgun resistant armor glass and sheeting in body should protect for hijacking scenarios on a standard car.. but to afford the cost u likely someone who will be targeted and then they not coming for you with a handgun. 2ndly, like with everything in life.. as counter measures become norm, firearm/weapons will escalate which is kinda why it's the guys that need this don't buy the cheapest either.
So we are at the point where we have to drive a tank to feel safe in South Africa.
doubt that.. unless you involved in something elicit or in a dodge area. with expensive vehicle Granted hijackings do happen though in my immediate family and neighbours that has only happen in Cpt. As strange as that is.
Top Tip - don't drive around in a R1Mil+ car and your chances of a hijack are greatly reduced, let alone one with shiny armored windows.
At what point during the EFT transaction for R1.5 million+ do you ask yourself wtf you are even doing in a country that necessitates such measures? Does your next of kin get a refund if you get shot in the head while approaching the car? Point is you are still a sitting duck much of the time.
Bulletproofing to prevent hijackings? What BS is this?

The average person would rather let them have the car.

Meanwhile, the type of person who actually requires bulletproofing (and not for hijackings), can easily afford it.