How much it costs to import a Tesla car to SA


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Aug 8, 2018
I've been in a Tesla 3, a colleague of mine in the US drove me around in one.

Once you get past the gimmicks (yes you can make the indicators play fart sounds), it's not actually that great as a car. I'm not talking about the electric drivetrain - yes, Tesla have done that very well.

I'm talking about fit and finish, and general "this works well as a car" ergonomics. To use on a daily basis, a typical Golf or Corolla is IMO better. Tesla doesn't even come close to a BMW or Audi who they like to think are competitors.

I'm also not such a fan of the fact that the car is basically sold with beta software, and updates pushed over the air whether you (the owner of the car mind) like it or not. They can add features or take them away without your knowledge or consent, and to me, that's bull. I won't have that.

So no ways would I pay anything close to this price.


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Mar 16, 2009
I'd bring in on Carnet de Passage and export it again when I want to sell it.