How often do you upgrade your phone?

How often do you upgrade your phone?

  • Every year

    Votes: 11 3.6%
  • Every 2 years

    Votes: 38 12.5%
  • Every 3 years

    Votes: 44 14.5%
  • Every 4 years

    Votes: 44 14.5%
  • When I renew my contract

    Votes: 19 6.3%
  • I use my phone until in breaks

    Votes: 131 43.1%
  • More than once a year

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 15 4.9%

  • Total voters
More than once a year


The poll never specified we couldn't exclude OS upgrades;)
I prob average every 3-4 years. That seems to be the life time of the devices or until I break them
Depends how long the phone lasts.

Samsungs tend to be every 12 to 18 months and something is gone.

My CAT so far is doing well, hope to keep it till 2028
The last time I got a new iPhone was December 2016, much to the disappointment of Vodacom Upgrade resellers, I simply use whatever iPhone I have until it breaks and usually get a hand me down from a family member.
Which crappy phones are you using that only last 4 years?
Had an S8 then an S10e then an S22 currently. With last I also mean drop them etc within 4 years so not necessarily the fault of the device
The cheap R3k Android phones I used only lasted 18 to 24 months before needing to upgrade. Will wait and see how long this iPhone 14 lasts.
Usually only every 4 years but recently alot sooner because seems they force people to upgrade due to certain Apps no longer working on older versions of Android, which is annoying. I have a Hisense H40 and they dont issue OS updates for some reason, else my phone would be good for another 3 years!

Every phone I have had has easily outlasted its contract renewal date of 2yrs but the big corporates have realized they can make more money by selling more phones more frequenty and i have also noticed the overall quality has dropped over the years
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