How the SA Post Office hired a convicted criminal


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Feb 26, 2011
OMW there are some many things wrong with this. The most obvious one being that for convicted previously disadvantaged individuals it is standard practice, if not a prerequisite to have a criminal record to get employment. I mean just look at parliament so I'm not sure why this would be a surprise. I would love to see stat on how many convited rapists, murderers and thieves are walking our streets. And then this is just confirmation (not that we need it) that there is no, but NO bite in the 'legal' system. Our system gives 'getting away with murder' a very literal meaning.
Is it standard practice for you to talk so much BS on the internet?

John Tempus

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Aug 8, 2017
Alternative to death penalty is penal production camps.

Privatize the **** out of it if you must and have all of these rape,murder criminals work for free while they are in this penal camp for life. They can pay their own lodging this way and contribute to the SA GDP. They did not give a damn about the country and rules when they commit the act of violence so now the rest of society can stop giving a damn about them.

Jopie Fourie

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Aug 30, 2019
No wonder parcels from abroad gets to the airport and lays there for weeks, months or years.... everyone working there are probably allowed first to go through all parcels to see what they want to take home. I am sure this is authorized by the CEO. No airport in the world is so busy that parcels need to wait more than a day, South Africa included, so this is the only logical explanation.


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Jun 23, 2008
Now here's a catch 22.
Is jail for punishment or rehabilitation?
If someone is convicted should they never get a job and what are their options going forward?
The intention of the law should always be to protect the public. Jail falls under that in two ways.
1) It keeps the offenders away from other people
2) It provides an opportunity for the offenders to be rehabilitated.

Sometimes the only way for the public to be protected is to keep the offender behind bars (that Dros rapist for example, should never be set free IMO). This guy though was involved in a carjacking.
Now to me, that is the type of crime people can be(but not always) committed because of their economic circumstances. Thus some measure of rehabilitation is possible IMO.

I think the problem with justice systems around the world is that they all release unrehabilitated people back into the public. In my ideal world, every single prison sentence would be life until the parole board determines that the offender is not a threat to society.
The existing sentences should be then turned into minimum sentences where parole is not allowed.
If you have violated the rights of others, you are guilty until proven innocent.


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Aug 6, 2003
So it's a case of "We didn't know about it because he/they didn't tell us and we trusted him/them"
Then it's said that ignorance in not an excuse in law. That's if they are taken to court about this... Then again this is our ....