How to become a well-known member or Executive member on MBB

Feb 18, 2010
Hi @Modecai ,

It's day two since the revival of this thread and we are yet to hear from you.

Are you okay? Are you well? I do wonder, today I read a thread where people wondered how mybb would know if a member is dead.

I hope you are alive. Give us a sign, maybe you are sad that you are still not yet well known. But please don't be rash, there's a lot to live for, a lot more to give. Just ask Minister Gigaba, he started off as an unknown but now he is giving to the nation.

If you are unwell though, get well soon. Some members who read this thread may have some choice words for you and your quest, they may think its controversial. But I say even controversial people deserve a thread.

Listen, at the end of the day we just want you to pop-in. You started a thread about your hunger for recognition, your thirst for it - that got us talking and now we must have answers.

You know what to do, trust your instinct, obey your thirst!