How to buy MTN Data Bundles with airtime?


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Jan 19, 2007
After 18 years of staying off contracts, I bit the bullet and went down this road again.

They had a reasonable deal, with the Xiaomi Mi4 for R199 with some data, on net calls and sms.
I just needed a replacement phone without the cash layout for my Huawei Mediapad.

Anyway, I buy airtime with my Capitec Prepaid, but can't find a way to buy a 30 day data bundle through the ****ty USSD menus.
*141*2# hasn't got what I'm looking for.

Once, I was completely out and the browser redirected me to their standard page and advised how to buy a bundle, the USSD was such a long code and I never took the time to memorise or write it down.

Let me say this too, MTN SP, thanks, you've debited my account, but still no statement in my email.
Also, I buy airtime using my capitec acc, then want to do mobile banking via USSD and the fscking network tells me I have no airtime to continue with the transcaction!?!?!? :mad:

Googling, has brought me no closer to finding the USSD code I'm looking for.
FSCK even people on Facebook are still ranting on a post from like 2013.
Their USSD menus keep changing...

Help please...thanks...