How to cancel Telkom lines or services

Feb 5, 2014
I have recently been involved in assisting clients with cancelling their Telkom services.
As recent articles ahve highlighted Telkom is swamped with cancellation requests

As of Jun 2018
Cancellations are now initiated on line or through 10210
10210 cancellation tries hard to push the On Line Cancellation

The older method of completing the form and emailing it to no longer works
The email address is discontinued.

Cancellations require a 30 Day Notice Period
The technical team are reasonably on the ball and the services will terminate after the 30 days
In my experience it can take 3 - 4 months before the accounting team catch up.​

Primary Line Number for the Account
In the following communications with Telkom you will need to reference the Primary Line number for the account
For single line domestic accounts it will obviously be the one and only Line number.
For business accounts with multiple Lines / Services, it is the "Service Ref" line number in the top right hand section under the Account number.

10210 - How to get to Cancellations
Option - 2 - enter the Primary Line number under cancellation as above
Get confirmation - 1
Enter the ID associated with the Account
4 for Cancellations
1 for a new cancellation
2 to follow up on cancellation in progress​

OnLine Cancellation
If you already have a My Telkom Account and a working Login, proceed to OnLine below
If not you must register for an online account as follows:-​

Register & Link Account
This is fraught with pitfalls especially for Business as the service may have been established many years ago by previous employees, and even before Email and the Internet were around. in some cases the business may have no idea who actually registered the account many years ago.
BEFORE Registering call 10210 Billing and obtain the following information for the Account

Registered Owner, Email Address, and confirm ID # held.
Is the Company Reg # or Owners ID linked to the account.​

Create a Telkom profile using the Registered Owners Email Address
Use his/her ID on the profile.

Now Link the Account
The information entered MUST match the information on the Telkom Database for the Account
In Co Reg # enter the Reg# or Owner ID# as recorded on the account above.

Hopefully the Profile user and Account details will match and the Account will be linked.
If successful, proceed to Online Cancellation below

If this fails, as it may, then proceed to manual cancellation below.

Register if you have not already
Logon to your "My Telkom" profile
Under "Home & Business Accounts" - Click "Manage My Accounts"
Select the relevant account
Scroll across to find the "Cancel your Service" tab
Follow the 4 Step process
Make a note of the Case Reference
Follow up on 10210 as above​

Manual Cancellation

If Online Fails call 10210 as above and insist on a manual cancellation.
Initially they will try to push you to the Online cancellation
You will have to convince the operator that all attempts to register online have failed.
They can then authorise a manual cancellation

Get a name & an email address for the operator.
Get a referenece #
You will need to submit a Cancellation Request on Co Letterhead, a detailed list of items to be cancelled ( Especially if you are not cancelling the entire account)
Copy of registered account Owners ID
Copy of latest Telkom account with items to be cancelled highlighted ( Not essential but recommended to ensure they cancel the correct services.)
Email it in
Get a referenece #
Follow Up in a week to ensure it has been processed.
Repeat every week or so.
In my experience you may need to persevere for a month or three.
Eventually you should receive a final settlement account​

Good Luck


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Aug 18, 2006
Registered online and cancelled ADSL only (a home line).
They cancelled the whole line - can't read it seems.
Had to apply for a new line - took 6 weeks.
Old number was not restored - even though it was specifically mentioned in the order every followup.
Going on 3 weeks trying to get old number back.
New number was some business line with calls from morning until night.


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Aug 4, 2005
Very useful information and well prepared post!

Funny, I assist quite few retired persons and deceased estates with their cancellations. I have no probs at all. Go to local Telkom office process and walk out. 1 month later the line is cancelled and last account is received. Maybe it is because that shop knows how to do it given the large number of retirement villages in the area?
Mar 4, 2011
I have struggeled since April to get my line canceled telkom are thiefs They are incompetent they are useless they are robbing me of my happiness


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Feb 22, 2016
I have struggeled since April to get my line canceled telkom are thiefs They are incompetent they are useless they are robbing me of my happiness
Why not just stop paying them? Put a block on the debit order. They will cut off your service quickly enough.


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Sep 28, 2006
Why not just stop paying them? Put a block on the debit order. They will cut off your service quickly enough.
But the service will not be cancelled and they will still continue to bill/charge interest and then ITC list you.... because they are just that useless.
Sep 16, 2018
I have been waiting 12 months to get incorrect charges taken off my account for cancelled ADSL. Have asked for someone from Telkom to respond to my post . Still nothing. An trying to cancel my Telkom line now and cant register as the OTP that needs to be sent isnt forthcoming. How can such a big company be so totally useless


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Feb 16, 2007
I'm about to start this fun...

Tired of being spammed by Telkom, SMS, calls, emails - they keep ignoring my unsubscribe requests.

Tried twitter - who threatened to ban me because I tweeted them everytime I got spammed - really great service. Telkom can go **** themselves.

Fortunately I don't have a debit order.


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Feb 16, 2007
And so it starts. I can't downgrade my line because they're "offline" - please try again later.


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May 15, 2016
Bottom line stay away from Hellkom as far as you can. I will never ever get any Hellkom product ever again.
Service.....there isn't any.
Rude/Unhelpful/Clueless staff.

Product and pricing is good but Customer Service.....what is that?


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Feb 16, 2007
Yeh - eventually got through, then get a snotty attitude when I'm told to phone back after being on hold for almost 30min.

Anyway - service downgraded to 2mb... need to make sure fibre is up - if it is - I'll cancel tomorrow.