How To Get Telkom To Take Notice of your Fault


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May 11, 2018
Hello All. Please see how to get the problem noticed by the technicians dispatchers

To: '' (Dispatcher)
Cc: '' (Email linked to the Board of Directors )

Subject: My ADSL has been Down for 16 Days

Dear Jonas.

My name is Jordan Crossley. I am a new Telkom customer who joined Telkom last month. Here is my story.

ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Day 1: After an entire month of waiting for my ADSL to be installed, the technician finally came to install on the 25th of last April

Day 2: Less than 24 hours later, my line went down. That very same evening, I went to Telkom with the modem. The in-store technicians tested the modem and it worked perfectly, they logged my fault.

Day 3: The next day, Telkom called to see what the problem was and asked me to disconnect the red wire and place it directly into the box in the wall to test the line. It still didn’t work which indicates its either the wall box or the line. After this, I received my reference number.

Day 7:A week later, after waiting for technicians, I went into the store to tell that my fault still had not been seen to. They escalated my fault.

Day 14: I received confirmation that a Telkom technician would be coming to my house to fix it. After calling Telkom a few times, he never once picked up his phone and never came to even evaluate the problem.

Day 15: I called Telkom again in the morning to see what time the technician would come. He never answered his phone. I called again in the afternoon, I was told that no one had been assigned. Which means my fault was moved to the back of another technicians workload. Last night, as I stood in line, the sales people were selling ADSL, and I was telling the very same people my story. All of them walked out the store. I cost Telkom R8000.00 in monthly revenue by just talking to 10 people. By the time it was my turn, the in-store technician gave me your email address and phone number as he could see that I was very angry at the poor service I had received.

Day 16: Here we stand.

This problem has cost me the following expenses this month:

1.) R600 in LTE Data ( I work from home. No internet =No money)
2.) R300 in Airtime to call Telkom. (I’ve called repeatedly each day to just find out when my fault would be seen to)
3.) R400 in lost ADSL usage. (R800 a month/ 31 days X 16 days no usage)


1.) I want a technician out to my house to fix this problem TODAY!!!!!
2.) If one does not, I will be back in the store to tell more possible customers my story. I cant afford to cancel my contract, so I’ll just cost Telkom more revenue. Telkom loses money because of Openserve, Openserve loses their contract with Telkom. Openserve technicians lose their jobs.

I look forward to using the service I pay for or saving people time and money by telling them my story.

Please also see that the email address that is linked to the Board of Directors on the government directory is CC’d to this email. I have done this as I am one of many disgruntled customers who haven’t received a single courtesy call from a technician or Telkom representative and would recommend that their friends rather use another service provider.

To the board of Directors at Telkom.

I am a conference producer by trade and have a wealth of knowledge in marketing, operations, customer service, time management and project management. I am happy put aside an hour of my time for FREE to train dispatchers on customer service and time management so that they can train their technicians.

Call me on:XXXXXXXXX to take me up on the offer.

Best regards,
Jordan Crossley
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Jun 12, 2007
I would remove your personal details if I were you.

Otherwise what I do, is log a fault and wait. The wait is usually 1 or 2 weeks, but I don't mind. It works for me.