How to import from GearBest and more


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Nov 9, 2014
So I placed an order for a dashcam on the 4th of January. Got it delivered to my desk today :)

Well done DHL , that's less than a week
Same here. Ordered Poco on the 4th and delivered by DHL at 11am today by a friendly chap called Yster.

Awesome service DHL.
Jul 2, 2010
You can try contacting Aramex and Gearbest to get details on the order.
When I contacted Aramex, they said that all they could see on their side was a record created by the shipper for the package to be sent. They said nothing had been collected in China yet, and that I should contact Gearbest.

Then contacted Gearbest, who said that it's normal for tracking to take so long to update online, and assured me the item was already in transit. Every time I message Gearbest, they just say "we guarantee you tracking will show online within 1-2 days". That's happened 3/4 times now.

So I'm not sure who's at fault, if anyone. I'm just not used to things taking so long to depart, and then not having any tracking 3 weeks after I order something. So if I could just get a concrete answer, I could decide about waiting vs refunding. And it's not great seeing people in this thread saying their DHL-shipped phones arrived within a week. :p


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Feb 15, 2011
I have a few parcels showing out for delivery since Thursday afternoon. Hopefully they will be delivered on monday. Not impressed with Buffalo service lately, they take so much longer now.
yes, Buffalo has been less impressive since early Dec18..... will have to see if that was just an overload issue, or if the wonderful service is over - let's assume they will NEVER, EVER be half as bad as SAPO.... not that anyone could be
Sep 22, 2014
Hi all,

Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier messages. I'll try to quote and respond to everyone here in one post (you don't have to answer/reply if you don't want to):

Even if it ships in 3 days, it will get stuck at customs for another 3 days. Best to try and get pre-clearance as soon as it leaves the warehouse.
How do I get pre-clearance with DHL? Would it happen automatically as per another quote further down? Or is there some way that I can contact DHL for that?

SJO! that'll be a very close shave..... I doubt it will work
I tend to agree with you... I'm hoping it will ship earlier, or that DHL will pull a miracle and deliver in time :)

In all honesty I don't trust them I asked them if they are 100% sure of stock coming in on the 21st they told me they hope it comes by then. There is no guarantee that they will receive it.Its just an expected date from thier supplier. Can't you ask for it to be delivered at some family or friends address.
Worst case scenario would have to be delivered to friends. They can then send it further along to me in the new country. But that whole process will still be pretty pricey, maybe I can change my shipping address at Gearbest and they ship it there instead.

Did you buy your phone via PayPal or via credit card? cos if its through credit card..eish you gonna wait til forever but via PayPal you'll wait for 10 days because PayPal will be communicating with Geekbuying to send you your phone. If they fail to do so, PayPal will go directly into their account and refund you your money.
Luckily I used PayPal in this case, since they gave me R50 off my order for using it :) So yeah, I'll use the combined wisdom on this thread to force a refund through PayPal if everything goes wrong. PS - It was bought through Gearbest (not Geekbuying).

Also getting the runaround from them. Ordered the red 6 on the 13th of November... wonder if they have any stock for the OnePlus brand... waste of 7k... + interest etc...
For the OnePlus 6T it seems they'll get a new shipment either on the 16th or 21st January. Maybe for your phone too?

I am waiting till the 25th then getting a refund
Here's hoping you get yours! DHL seems to be the way to go, judging by other posts on this thread.

The Max 3 that I ordered on 28 Nov was EVENTUALLY in the GearBest warehouse on 24 Dec. DHL picked it up in the 27th and it was delivered at my home on the 31st. DHL initiated the customs pre-clearance automatically. I can recommend DHL 100% based on this delivery.
This post gives me hope :) Since I also used DHL Express, I'm hoping they'll pull off the same miracle for me as well.

Did you have to do anything special to get pre-clearance or did that just happen automatically?

Shipping date for 6t changed today to 16 Jan. Hope they actually stick to it.
Awesome, thanks, just saw that as well! Here's hoping for the best!

So I placed an order for a dashcam on the 4th of January. Got it delivered to my desk today :)

Well done DHL , that's less than a week :thumbsup:
If they can pull off this miracle for and for you, Dan C, then I'm sure DHL can do it again for me :)