How to prove you are not getting what you paid for


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May 24, 2013
Hi Guys,

I am with Cfibre (20Mb up and down) and got the Vumatel CPE installed. I have done the speed test and always get good results like this:


But I am still 100% sure that I am not getting that. I mean I can't stream 1080p, 720p and sometimes even 480p.

My main goal with Fibre was to be able to stream my gaming on twitch and that is just not gonna happen with how my connection is at the moment. I mean with a 20Mb VDSL at my old place I could easily stream (watch) twitch at 720p while housemate was watching Netflix. Now I'm on my own and can't do the things as mentioned above.

Okay...rant over. Now whenever I call vuma or Cfibre they tell me to do speed test and every time I tell them my story and they just tell me; "Sorry I am getting same results on my side on the speed test I can't help you any further". How in the hell can I prove to them something is wrong here.

I've even done the twitch stream test with a friend. He has VDSL 7Mb upload speed.

My Results:

My Tests.png

His Results:

Friends test.png

Now I've told them about this test and of course they had no clue what I was talking about (probably don't even know what twitch is). and once again just says sorry I can't help you.

Really really really need some help! Would it be best for me to move to a different ISP or what can I do?

Thanks in advance guys!


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Nov 2, 2012
Sites like Speedtest never get shaped. These ISPs are a bunch of crooks. I'm very keen to see if anyone has a way to prove this. My torrents crawl on RAIN some nights. (Almost all nights)


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Dec 24, 2017
It is very difficult and the ISP's know that. Many instances local traffic would look perfect but international speeds would be way down. The industry standard seem to be and with the beta version it is easy to select an international server. I use Structured Communications in London as my test server. Compare apples to apples. Speeds do vary depending on time of day. This morning (Sunday) i would get full speed but this evening during peak i would get anything from 15 to 100%. During peak repeated test would also vary considerably.
You can also use other tools like pingplotter and wireshark. I had huge packetloss problerms with a new Vuma installation. It is impossible to deal with Vuma directly but with the help of a (good) ISP I managed to get the CPE and SFP replaced - problem solved.


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Oct 19, 2007
Just use

Works like a charm on basically any quality setting. Is free to use and streams to more than 1 service at tge same time youtube , twitch and mixr for example.