How to SEARCH for News Articles and Threads in the CA Section


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Because the Forum Search Function does not work very well you can also use this method to find what you are looking for...

1) Go to Google
2) Type in several search terms, for example FARLAM MARIKANA GARYVDH (or your own username if you started the thread or posted in it) and press enter.
3) If you are lucky the thread will come up right away in the first few results
4) If it does not appear right away then add this string to the end of your search terms "" (separated by a space, without the quotes)
5) You should now be able to search all the threads on MyBB for what you are looking for.
6) The more you do this you will soon realise that you can just add this qualifier [] to your Google searches to search MyBB.
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For your help I will list the most common and popular threads here so you can find them easier:

The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread
The NSA Internet Surveillance Scandal
The Airbus A350 Thread
The SA Smart Card ID Card Thread

Commissions and Inquiries

The Seriti Arms Deal Commission of Inquiry
Marikana Shootings Farlam Commission Thread
The KZN RTI Recruitment Fitness Deaths Commission of Inquiry Thread
Public Protector's Report on Nkandla
Tongaat Mall Collapse - 50 trapped after KZN building collapses

World News / War and Conflicts

The Syrian Conflict Thread
South African pair abducted in Yemen
Crisis in Ukraine

Crime Murder and Massacre Trials

The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial
Lolly Jackson (Teazers boss) murdered
Dr Louis Heyns - Western Cape Murder Case
Explosions at the Boston Marathon - The Boston Bombings Thread
The British Soldier Woolwich Murder Case
The Anene Booysen Rape and Murder Case
The James Holmes - Denver Cinema Shootings Trial
The Bradley Manning - Wikileaks Court Martial Trial
The April Jones UK Case
The Anni Dewani Murder Case
Corruption fighting Police Commander found dead in Hammanskraal
The Madeleine McCann Missing Thread
Petrol jockey beaten to death.
Corruption Fighting Cop Tirhani Maswanganyi Murder Trial
The Chantelle Barnard Murder Case
The Chanelle Henning Murder Trial
The Chanel du Toit Franschhoek Murder Case
The Charmaine Mare Murder Trial
Grisly find at Montecasino - Dustin Blom Murder Case
The Rosemary Theron Murder Case - Clovelly mom’s murder

Disasters - Natural and Man-Made

The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis in Japan
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 missing!

Tenders, Corruption and Graft

The Gauteng E-Tolling Thread
The Baleka Mbete / Goldfields / M&G Story
A billion from construction firms for price fixing and collusion
Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale Corruption Saga [UPDATE: Resigned!]
Glynnis Breytenbach versus the NPA Saga
The Richard Mdluli / Crime Intelligence Secret Slush Fund Saga

Politics, Parties and Elections

The Western Cape Toilet Saga
DA versus ANC in Tlokwe (Potchefstroom)
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I'm trying to find a way to create a Custom Google Search that will search the MyBroadband Website and will reside in my Firefox Search bar at the top Right.