How to stop TV screen flicker caused when playing PS3 games in Full HD


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Apr 5, 2009
I had this problem for ages before I finally solved it, maybe I was just a bit slow, but never the less I thought I would post the answer to this problem, so you can play your PS3 games on Full HD resolutions without the annoyance of a constant screen flicker / resync

The problem occurs, as mentioned above, with certain television sets using an HDMI cable, playing PS3 games on Full HD 1080p, the problem can be resolved by lowering your resolution to 720p, but that is not ideal.

To solve the problem, change the following instead:

Settings > [Display Settings] > [Deep Color Output (HDMI)] set to OFF

and thats it. Now you can play your PS3 games in FUll HD, using an HDMI cable without the constant screen flicker.

By the way, you need firmware version 3.40 or later, as this option only became available then.

Now where is that PS4 with 5 free games??? :-/