How to stream digital terrestrial TV to other devices


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Jun 22, 2007
I've got a media server running on Linux and am busy with a project to watch and record free-to-air TV (SABC1-3, on it.

I'm most likely going to use MythTV as backend PVR software to record TV using Linux compatible USB DVB-T2 TV Tuner stick (Geniatech T230a or PCTV 292e).

I'll probably have to have a separate digital TV aerial to ensure that the signal is optimal. Ellies has a variety of options on their website.

Once I get that project done, I want to try stream the live digital terrestrial TV (DTT) to other TVs and devices (Android smartphone, tablet, etc.) in my home (mainly so that I don't have to have a separate aerial and set top box for each TV)

I read that MythTV can't stream live TV, it only records it. It looks like XBMC or VLC can do live TV but not sure about streaming it to other devices or how to go about setting it up.

From what I can gather, I need to convert the digital terrestrial signal that comes via the airwaves into Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) so that it can then be streamed on the internet / home network to other devices.

I would guess that I could use an Android app to view the streaming content, possibly VLC for Android.

The TVs would need to have an Android / casting dongle (Roku, Chromcast) on them to be able to use the Android app to view the streaming IPTV content.

From what I found on the internet you get devices like VBox XTi-3342 Terrestrial or SiliconDust HDHomeRun Dual that can do this sort of thing, but they seem quite pricey and difficult to source here in South Africa.

Hope that all made sense :)

Has anyone tried to stream live DTT from a device / computer to other devices within their home network?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)