How to watch Netflix and Hulu in SA, This works without using proxy or VPN


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Feb 23, 2005
I have a question about the 8.8 addresses. Since they are run by the big G and use geolocation to direct you to the closest DNS server, etc if I set them as my only DNS servers for a VPN tunnel connecting to the UK, would these streaming services still work? The thinking I have is that a client inside the tunnel makes a request to 8.8 , G.dns sees the address is from the UK, which means all records returned would be for the UK based CDN servers of Netflix,.et Al, which means I would see those catalogs and not the SA one?

Or do the netflix, iPlayer apps have dedicated hardcoded DNS servers of their own written inside the app?

My suggesting that he blocks the 8.8. addresses is for people using a dns service, vpn services do not require the block. If you're using a vpn all of your traffic is going to appear to originate from that country anyway.

Many/most/all of the apps have google's dns addresses hardcoded into them.

Now more confused. Our account is in UK and we watch on 3 continents on 5 laptops.
Catalogues differ from country to country and it's based on physical location, not where the account is.


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Oct 17, 2007
hi guys just need some help on behalf of a friend

I don't have netflix, but a friend of mine has it on her win10 DEL i3 laptop and is not working - it used to apparently, so I'm assuming that some recent win10 update has screwed it up?

I had a look at it for her and it seems to be the windows firewall blocking netflix. works if FW is disabled

I checked the firewall and netflix is in the list but still won't work if the FW is active.

as I'm not that clued up with IT, so is there something I can do to get it working for her?

it works on her cell phone perfectly

thanks again