How Walmart's complete Massmart takeover could help turn around Game and Makro

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
I was in a game yesterday.

Its done.

They can close their store.

Or rebrand to a glorified 5 rand shop.
No, there is no saving the company. They are going to delist. They are going to close a lot of branches. They are going to try and sell some of the businesses. The rest of the stock will likely be sold to Amazon. They will eventually take the losses and withdraw.

Slape told Business Times that going private would free the company from many more regulatory requirements, which are particularly burdensome when trying to turn around a business.

My oh my, I wonder what those are?
Both Walmart and Amazon will be competing here soon. Yesterday I had McDonald's and I'm currently have a cappuccino from Starbucks. We're becoming very American.
no turning back for them .the on floor sales people are useless .friday i had a young lady trying to assist me with questions on a compressor .i dont think she even knows what it does or how it does it .i was lucky to actually find someone to try assist me .eventually i walked out empty handed .