How would you rate President Cyril Ramaphosa’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis so far?

How would you rate President Cyril Ramaphosa’s COVID-19 performance (10 = excellent; 1 = poor)?

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    Votes: 34 6.0%
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Jun 7, 2016
So your opening remark is "too many of us are ignorant" so insulting many South African's and saying "conspiracy theories whilst justifying an ends to a means with no scientific proof." which are insults to just about everyone in the country but you.

I have not insulted your opinion, I have put the facts in front of you do with them as you want.

My sentence was "they are the facts and don't lie" no insult there but I probably could have phrased it better as "the facts don't lie".

I'm not at war with you the problem is the Government has done the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on a riot and only worrying about the consequences later.

I also hope you and your family can dodge the really hard times we are about to face.

Hi now that's the response I wanted noted.
I'm sorry I came across like that.. with the ignorant part.

But guess what I take my words back concerning trump being a financial guru..

Check this link:

I'm into tech and also the e-commerce industry so I make it my business to know these things. I guess that I'll have to post this link with my opinion in another sub - forum that is associated with this topic.

Cheers !


Honorary Master
Apr 6, 2005
He is doing a poor job of getting the support he needs to push through decisions.

This has proven one thing without a doubt. He is a token President with zero balls to make his own decisions. All he is, is a puppet for the ANC. He does not give two chits about the people of the country. Pathetic.
Like the Prime Minister in the UK, the President in South Africa is elected by the party. That means they can be removed by them. Even the US President's power is limited by other elected branches of government. If both houses were controlled by Democrats they could remove Trump just because they feel like it. Create some charges, have a mock trial and he's out. Just as it is possible to create some charges, have a mock trial and he stays, because people who will back him no matter what are running the trial.

So no Ramaphosa is not 100% in charge and that has been known since the day he was elected, because everyone knows he just barely won. The position is the same as in any coalition government. Things would look the same whether it was a genuine election or a plot to fool the world. So pick whichever you feel like believing.

D tj

Expert Member
Jul 8, 2012
The acting judge who was judged and found wanting ought to have replied to OP question: " CP's response to Covid? ....Out of this world"