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Huawei 3G, CCTV IP Cam, PTZ control lag. Some advice please

Nov 25, 2013
I have setup a site where there is no power and no building infrastructure with network or internet, so please don't advise me to run a network cable to the nearest building. LOL

I've got a HUAWEI 3G modem with 2 x IP Cams running on a solar panel and backup battery (yes it's big enough @ 200Ah and 200W panel)
It is not recording or streaming 24/7. It is only for live viewing and monitoring so there is no constant use of data. You log in, turn the camera around a bit and get out so there is no DVR in place, just the modem and the cameras.

My Problem:

The PTZ Control lags.
When you click to change the direction of the ptz, sometimes it works and sometimes not. At times you click 3 times with no effect and then 10 seconds later it spins around twice and stop at the same place which makes it extremely frustrating when you zoom in and want to make small changes.

If you plug straight into the modem with a network cable and laptop, the PTZ control is flawless.


Where is my problem? Is it 3G doesn't matter which operator? or has any of you had a similar application which worked great on another operator network?

Unfortunately it is an expensive exercise to chop and change R10k cameras so I have to do my research based on other people's success or failures...

Thanx everyone.


Well-Known Member
Feb 3, 2006
Your 3G connection has much, much more latency on than your direct network connection (and far less bandwidth available). When you say 3G, are you getting HSPA speeds when plugging the modem into your laptop whilst at the location and doing speed tests? What are the speed & latency results?

If the latency is in the 100's of milliseconds (and throughput is down the tubes) then you might try switching providers and/or using a modem with a properly implemented external antenna connector and installing a high gain directional antenna to improve your connection.


New Member
May 16, 2014
Remote IP Camera setup

I am trying to set up Huawei 3G modem with a Cell C sim card. I have applied for unrestricted APN, which, according to Cell C has been done, and I have setup up port forwarding, but still I cannot remotely access the camera.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?