Huawei aims to overtake Samsung in South Africa in the next 2 years

Both the wife and I have already contributed to this :eek:
I like MIUI, but it does have its issues. A lot of people I know using Huawei.
Very happy with my P8 lite 2017 at the moment and my P8 lite 2015 gave me 2 yewrs of good service.

I'll be happy to get another Huawei as long as prices don't get out of hand.
Next phone is another huawei for sure :)

My good ol Mate 8 on android 6 still running strong, just needs a new battery.

Never had any issues in the last 2 years of owning it
Very happy with Huawei so far even after a free screen replacement through them.
And overtake Samsung, Huawei will. Samsung is shifting their focus away from smartphones and concentrating on more profitable ventures such as displays, chip manufacturing and RAM. The phone market is very saturated and profits aren't what they used to be anymore.