Huawei B315s-22 and Vodafone R218h on RAIN


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Mar 2, 2019
Hi there, I own both the routers mentioned in the title and when using Rain off-peak on the R218h I get average speeds of 30mbps/10mbps but on the B315s-22 (connected to laptop via ethernet) I only get 25mbps/2.5mbps.

My neighborhood isn't covered by Rain as per their coverage map but my neighborhood is sandwiched in between two neighborhoods that is covered by Rain and speeds are very good there with full signal bars, I only get 3/5 at my house and that too only at a certain sweet spot near my driveway.

The only settings I changed on the R218h is the APN to internet and haven't changed the setting on the B315s-22. I would like to get the same upload speeds on the B315s-22 (2.5mbps) that I'm getting on the R218h (10mbps). What settings do I need to change on the B315s-22?

Thank you.