Huawei E5576-606 router +2 Netis -9 dBi antennas = no signal improvement


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Nov 23, 2017
So instead of buying a more powerful router like any normal person would, I spent over R250 on 2 Netis -9 dBi antennas & jury-rigged them onto the above router & got absolutely no signal improvement.
Someone please tell me where & how did I go wrong?


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Apr 3, 2006
@axe147 Hi, did you buy these ones ? Netis Antennas These look like they are for Wi-Fi signal improvement and not for boosting the router radios to get a stronger signal outside?

According to this Takealot listing for the specs on the router. Bulit-in antenna; No external Antenna Port.

This to me indicates there would be no way to boost it with an antenna. Purchasing a router that has support for external antennas would be the way to go if the router itself does not provide benefit right off the bat.

An example listing on Takealot showing the Huawei B612 CAT 6 router may help and thereafter if needing an antenna would help.

You can pick this up +- R1000 in the classifieds both here and on Carbonite.