Huawei expects great P40 Lite sales in South Africa

Let's see what the actual sales figures will be. They may do well purely due to people not realising there's no Play Store. I assume Huawei are expecting to have access to the Play Store by their next generation's release where they'll then advertise the living hell out of it to bring back this generation's duped customers.
It's a no from me, purely due to the lack of Play Store access.

This message is sent from my second Huawei Android phone.
I don't think Huawei screen quality is good. Currently 4 Huawei's in the family and 3 with broken glass. Didn't take much to break either, even with super protective body glove pouches.
Maybe I'm just biased ever since I deliberately tried to break a Motorola G3 but after kicking it for a 4th time again a wall I suddenly gained respect for it and kept it for another few months before replacing it with a G6 Plus
I don't see these great sales figures materialising once the public realise the number of apps not supported out of the box.
My 3rd party email client of choice "mymail" is not supported. The Google Family Link range of apps for parents and kids that I have on my kids non-Huawei phones, are a deal-breaker.
Tymebank banking app not currently supported.
Google Keep... deal-breaker.
And then this huge issue of how to go about keeping apps updated without Google Play Store...

Great camera though.