Hundreds of drones "land" in Melbourne river after mysterious malfunction


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May 24, 2010
Glitch lands hundreds of drones in river

A pre-game light show before Australia's Fifa Women's World Cup game against France ended in disaster when a technical glitch caused hundred of drones to plummet into the Yarra River in Melbourne.

According to an ABC News Australia report, the cause is still unknown, and the Australian Traffic Network (ATN), which owns and operates the drones, says as many as 350 may be resting at the bottom of the river.
Good. Women's soccer belongs face down in a river as well. Bunch of entitled dykes the lot of em.
So they waltzed right into the river.
I'm actually on the other side of the bay and was trying to hack the local Holiday Inns' WiFi.
Oops, my bad.