I have been conned


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Sep 3, 2012
Hi there

I bought an IPad from a man called Jaco van Zyl for a price that I deemed to be good. I purchased a phone from him last year and he delivered it. This time around, he gave me a story about his father dying and long story short eventually he said he will give me my money back.

I paid in full via EFT.

He has now cancelled his cell number.

Has anybody else dealt with him? What's the best way forward for me?

It is the same Jaco Van Zyl mentioned in this article.



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Dec 18, 2017
hmmm this sounds like a common scam as documented on Carbonite.

Sudo Panic

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May 8, 2013
Go to the cops and tell them you know where he used to work. They probably still have his personal info.
OP I agree with @ForceFate, they will have everything on record including his ID number, shouldn't be difficult to find him after that. You need to open up a case at the police station, do not play superhero and do something silly just follow procedure and if necessary take the details of the transaction (his account number, etc) and call your banks fraud division they have people trained there that deal with this type of thing and do it NOW don't sit and wait.


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Aug 14, 2008
There is a fellow: Lloyd Brink, phone no 0783966218 who lives in Post Shepstone and simultaneously in Clanwilliam who has conned people (including me) on the AV Forum, Carbonite and 4X4 Forum

His usual modus operandi is to answer a "wanted" ad and appear to be knowlegable about the product and offer it to you at about 25% off the going rate. He has taken about R30k from AV Forum readers and a similar amount off the 4X4 Forum. I don't know about Carbonite, but its fairly substantial

See: https://www.avforums.co.za/index.php/topic,80758.0.html

His Capitec Bank account no is 1640119300. Capitec have his ID number, photo, fingerprints, a street address that turns out to be false, an email address that does not exist. An honest to goodness con-man, presses all the right buttons. His whatsapp picture is of someone else

I ascertained from Capitec that this account was still active the day I paid the man and they froze the account on my instigation and a case number from the SAPS. There was some other money deposited into this account the same day as mine, but this has never been queried

The SAPS went through the motions, were polite and so on, but I got the impression that my case was way down on the priority list and the last communication I got from them was on 16th July

However, Capitec have been much more helpful and while I have not yet got the money back, the proceeds of this frozen account are in a suspense account


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Jun 16, 2010
Generally these criminals withdraw the funds as soon as when they get their bank transaction notifications sms'. By the time the account has been frozen, the funds are gone. In these cases the chance of you getting your money back is slim to none.


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Apr 22, 2014
The name sounds familiar and I think it’s in connection with scams