i need a simple wirelss connection with a 1km range


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Jan 21, 2005
my office is about 1km away from me, luckily we are on both sides of a valley so theres not much in the way.

i wanna know what the best wireless devices are to use to obtain this range, the kind of stuff i can just go buy and lay an antenna on my wall and have connectivity, i've looked around here but can't really find anything, i obviously have a pc on my side and on the office side, would rather go for something that can plug into the pc rather than an external AP


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Nov 14, 2004
90% of wireless devices would work just fine with a yagi attached, you could pick up a suitable yagi from your local supplier at about R400 a go including pigtail and some cabling.

Have a look at www.miro.co.za if your in JHB or CPT to get an idea of what you need. Although with a good enough card you might get that distance if you have LOS.