I need assistance or suggestions please


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Mar 20, 2017
Good day,

I need to find out the date of my first marriage for the reason that I need to apply for an unabridged marriage certificate to submit it to a foreign embassy. I just cannot remember it...

I have the unabridged marriage certificate for my current marriage but it shows that I am divorced and I did not register the first marriage with my embassy so now the problems starts.

The embassy require me to FIRST register the marriage to the first husband who is now deceased then the divorce before they can register the current marriage.

I have the decree of divorce and the death certificate can be obtained but that is as far as the Home Affairs can help as the guy did get remarried after we got divorced so our marriage does not show at all.

I am really stuck...unless I travel to another town where the archives are for the divorce files and get the marriage date from there...

Any suggestions please?
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