I want less from the government – ISP CEO

The Trutherizer

Executive Member
May 20, 2010
Its almost like the gov wants to get everybody connected, but they want to make it as difficult as possible.

Typical. They just can't let a chance to make money go by. Same with import costs on computer hardware. And please don't tell me there are none into SA, because our hardware sure is priced like there are and feedback from retailers when you question the pricing all point to a lot of overhead costs... The moral of the story is this government should really, really want SA's IT related industries to thrive. Because it is by far the simplest way for a clever young person to start earning very decent money very quickly with fairly humble training. And there is massive potential for a lot of SMEs. So yeah if the government had their priorities straight they would leave those old statements of "computers are for rich white people" they made more than a decade ago far, far behind and they would lift as many of the taxes, levies and duties as they can from hardware relating to such industries as possible. The few billion lost would be made up by increased personal income and regular company tax in no time at all. Less unemployment also = less social spending.