Iburst connection not coming up


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Jan 27, 2005
Hi all

I purchased a Iburst 2 days ago. I am in Midrand - tech came out with ¨his¨ modem - got great signal from the tower (between 95 to 100 percent). However the connection kept dropping e.g. the connection is up and running fine 5 minutes and then suddenly drops to 0. This is according to the lights on the modem. The tech claimed that they were working on the tower and that the connection would stabilise shortly. The next day he returned, this time with ¨my" modem and username and password. Plug everything in but regardless of what we try (both the tech and I) we cannot get the ethernet pppoe connection to come up on Windows XP. What could be wrong? I thought that Iburst might just be working on the tower but I read recently that a fellow forum member in Midrand is getting connection perfectly and downloading at 60kb/s. Tech seems unable to help and we are into day 3 of no connection - does anyone have any ideas or had a similar problem? Where could I go from here?


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Jan 11, 2005
The only (obvious) thing I can think of is that your Ethernet port is disabled. But I'm sure you would have thought of that! It should really be as simple as plugging the modem in, switching it on, and making a new connection. With Ethernet and XP no software is needed.


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Jan 25, 2005
Hi There,

Midrand towers still very unstable - also in Midrand and have had from 0 - 100 % connection rate for the last few days. The dreaded red eye keeps comming up from time to time.

What is the status of your Ethenet connection as per XP "connected or connection with limited access" ?

Limited access is when the link is up but no IP stack is activated - normally because no DHCP request was replied on.

What do you get from cmd "IPCONFIG /ALL"

Do you have current Static IP settings on this Ethernet port ?

Does your system work when using the USB setup ?

Have you tried another UTP cable ?

Hope this helps.