ICASA committee finds that SABC should have aired DA "burning flag" ad

By allowing the views of the president and government officials or the public’s reception of the political advertisement to influence its decision in rejecting the DA’s political advertisement, the SABC discriminated against the DA, as a political party,” said Masipa.
That is a good ad however this comment sticks true.

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As does the fact that the ANC will still win the national elections (albeit probably under 50%), the DA will still run the Western Cape with an outright majority, The EFF won't gain any support, and the IFP will lose massively to MK in KZN.

Nothing much will change.

BOSA, Action SA, FF+ Rise Mzanzi etc will all be scrapping for the 10% at play.
That is a good ad however this comment sticks true.

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I haven't seen any party with a good manifesto. They all make promises to get votes. Most promise jobs or end of load shedding in 5 years (or less). Both are unrealistic and it's not governments position to be able to provide jobs. There are no clear plans to how they'll create the conditions for the private sector to create jobs. This shows how immature our democracy is as no party is educating voters on how to vote. In a functional democracy it's the one with the best plans and policies that should get the votes.
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I use dark mode on all websites except MyBroadband. Dark mode is broken on ultrawide. Except if they fixed it by now. Haven't tried in a while.
And for those who deny the SABC is, as all the government entities are extremely bias and owned by the anc, gfy's.