Icasa lays criminal charges against SABC over protest policy


Honorary Master
Mar 11, 2014
What were they charged with when Section 17 of the Icasa Act deals with committees?

Standing and special committees
17. (1) The Council may establish standing committees or special committees for such purposes as the Council may deem necessary with a view to assisting it in the effective exercise and performance of its powers and duties.
(2) Each committee established in terms of this section must consist of—
(a) one or more councillors designated by the Council; and
(b) such additional members as the Council may determine.
(3) The additional members referred to in subsection (2)(b) must be persons who—
(a) are not subject to any disqualification contemplated in section 6(1)(d) to (i); and
(b) on account of their expertise, qualifications and experience are suited to serve on the relevant committee.
(4) The Council must appoint the chairperson of each committee from the councillors designated in terms of subsection (2)(a).
(5) A committee must perform such functions as may be delegated or assigned to it.
(6) The meetings of a committee (including any special meetings) must be convened by the chairperson, who determines the procedure at the meeting.
(7) Section 11 is applicable, with the necessary changes, as regards the meetings of any committee.
(8) The members of any committee, including the Broadcasting Monitoring and Complaints Committee referred to in section 21 of the IBA Act, who are not councillors or members of the staff of the Authority must be paid such remuneration and allowances as the Council determines.
[Subsection 17(8) substituted by section 30 of Act 64 of 2002]
(9) For purposes of subsection (8), the Council may differentiate between different committees and different members thereof.


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Jan 2, 2006
What were they charged with when Section 17 of the Icasa Act deals with committees?
Perhaps it is section 17 in the ICASA Amendment Act.

I do however doubt that the ICASA Amendment Act makes provisions for "criminal" charges to be laid against an institution such as the SABC.

If ICASA really has gone as far as laying charges against the SABC with SAPS, it must mean that the SABC is in violation of its broadcast licence conditions, and if that is the case, why has ICASA not suspended or revoked the SABC's broadcast licence?