Ice Cream Sandwich and Bluetoothproblems on Samsung Galaxy


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May 21, 2012
I spent the whole of yesterday replacing all my shortcuts to the screen after upgrading my Vodacom Samsung Galaxy S2 to the latest ICS operating system. Was painfull, but what the heck, was not the end of the world untill...:twisted:

This morning I tried to connect to 2 different bluetooth devices, where I cannot set anything on the device. I know these devices has a default Pin of 0000 but when I connect, It expects my Samsung to enter these pin numbers.

Now here's the problem. On the old OS, you could change the Pin number vie your bluetooth settings menu options. With the new ICS OS, this option is no longer available.:confused:

That means I cannot pairwith my Helmet Bluetooth headset, as it does not have an menu to scroll though, and neither does Samsung.

So it renders my bluetooth useless. The internet is full of posts with similiar problems, but no one has a solution.

Bottomline, Is I will be downgrading as soon as possible as my phone is useless as I spend several hours a day on the road on a motorbike.

Anyone with any suggestions besides factory resetting the helmet headset.

All I want is an option to enter the Pin number on my Samsung handset with any of the settings. HELP anyone... :(