Ice Cubed cryptocurrency exchange ( - info and updates


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Mar 9, 2018
Hey guys, we are happy to let you know about some of the latest platform updates on
We have redesigned the layout of the Admin area of the exchange which is much more user friendly.

The navigation of the admin area is now in a left hand menu column, which displays better on mobile devices.
We have also added a 'deposit' button onto the top right hand side of the menu.


We are also now pushing two-factor authentication front and centre in the admin areas. The page will show you if you have two-factor authentication enabled and also prompt you to turn it on if you do not have it enabled.

We have been working on the design to make it a lot more mobile friendly, and easier to use the exchange on your phone.

As usual, we appreciate your feedback, so please let us know on the helpdesk ( if you have any problems. You can can tweet to us @ICE3X too if you have any suggestions and also reach out on Facebook