ICS over Wifi in Windows 8


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Jul 31, 2010

I've been sharing my iBurst over Wifi on my old Windows XP PC for years, but now that I've replaced it with a Windows 8 box, it's just not doing it. I've resorted to keeping the XP PC around as a glorified modem.

What I've got:

- USB iBurst modem (probably same process for 3G).

- Windows 8 desktop PC.

- TP-Link wireless switch (it's actually a router, but I'm not using the WAN port). The PC is connected to the switch with a LAN cable.

- A bunch of wifi-enabled devices.

What's more, the mandatory static IP needed by ICS, has changed to in Windows 8, instead of known and loved by Windows XP.

If I change the switch IP to, all the devices get DHCP IPs from the host Windows 8 PC (DHCP is disabled on the switch), but none of the shared internet. I've also tried disabling the wifi security and Windows firewall. I change the IP back to and plug the LAN cable back into the Windows XP PC, and ICS is working great as per normal.

Any suggestions appreciated.