If you are using Internet Explorer you are a fool


ლ(ಠ_ಠ )ლ
Nov 22, 2010

The title of this blog is not made to shock you into reading it. Well, perhaps I didn’t go sparse on the insult to grip your attention, but the title is pretty much the gist of what security analysts across the globe are starting to preach after the recent and highly publicised attacks on major corporations around the globe using nothing but a weakness in specifically Internet Explorer 6. Well you can argue that you have moved beyond 6 and sport the latest Internet Explorer. Apparently all Internet Explorer versions even the one bundled with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7 is vulnerable.
Security analysts from McCafee to Google all say it is better to move away from Internet Explorer completely. Vested interests at play? Security software producer and alternative browser maker? Not really. The range of analysts who are saying you should switch your browser away from Internet Explorer move beyond the scope of the competition but into the realm of people who make a living out of good honest information security practices.

Many of these experts go so far as to accuse administrators still allowing Internet Explorer as the default browser on their networks of malpractice! Now I am pretty sure there will be a heavy fight as to the legitimacy of the recommendations from all sides. Even if everybody who heard the news did switch (as I have done quite a while ago to FiFo) to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and what not many users would not switch simply because they are completely ignorant. The bulk of computer users in the world in my humble opinion would not realise the need to worry about browser security and if they did would probably not have the necessary rights to change their browser at work or know what to do to get a new browser at home. Mostly they just wouldn’t care. That is the main reason Internet Explorer still ranks tops in the browser market, because people got it for free on the computer when they got the computer and just don’t care to find, install and try out a new browser.

The reality is that all browsers have holes but Internet Explorer for some reason is leaking like a sieve. Most computer users would be frustrated beyond all hell if they followed Microsoft’s recommendation of turning the security level inside Internet Explorer to “High”. The limitations it would put on their browsing experience would be horrendous!

I would urge you to go find out more about the issues and give an alternative browser a try. I have gone FireFox and honestly cannot use anything else as comfortably as I use it. For the heck of it, get out of you Internet Explorer infected sandbox and get into my nice and clean alternative browser sandbox. You’ll see, it is fun! If you still have doubts, give heed to some pure German efficiency and scientific prowess. The German government is urging Germans to can Internet Explorer.