InfiniSolar 10Kw 3Phase grid tie inverter

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Oct 12, 2007
Item name (be very descriptive): InfiniSolar 10Kw 3Phase grid tie inverter
Age and condition: Used about 4 weeks
Do you include packaging: No
Warranty: Yes
Reason for selling: Upgraded to 16KW inverter
Price: R42,000
Negotiable: Yes
Location: Dalpark Ext 1, Gauteng
Shipping or collection: Collection preferred

Had 9Kw solar panels connected to inverter. Can take Eskom, 3phase generator, solar panels and 48V battery bank as power source. Dual MPPT solar charge controller built-in.
Max PV power: 14850W
Max charging power: 9600 W
Nominal DC Voltage/Max. DC Voltage: 720 VDC/900 VDC
Start-up Voltage/Initial Feeding Voltage: 320 VDC/350 VDC
MPPT Voltage Range: 400 VDC~800 VDC
Number of MPP Trackers/ Maximum Input Current: 2/2x18.6A
Nominal Output Voltage: 230 VAC (P-N)/400 VAC (P-P)
Max. Battery Charging Current: Default 60A, 10A-200A
Price neg.

Retails for aprox R56,000inifi_10Kw_4.jpginifi_10Kw_1.jpginifi_10Kw_2.jpginifi_10Kw_3.jpg
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