Infraction points in Forum Rules


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Jun 5, 2014
Just a comment here - there are some former forumites [mostly habitual trolls] that have actively tried to push the limits and test the patience of moderators by scoring 10 own goals before being auto-banned.

IMO the number of infractions before being auto-banned should not be interpreted as an immutable number, maybe in the future it could be increased or decreased any number of times and such changes should only be made in one place [the forum's system s/w] without having to update a whole lot of associated rules metadata.
Would be nice if my infraction could be reviewed and lowered.


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Nov 8, 2004
Would be nice if my infraction could be reviewed and lowered.
IMO any forumite that wants a specific infraction to be reviewed, should first establish contact [via private messaging] with the moderator or administrator that issued the infraction, and politely explain why a review of the infraction would be justified from the forumite's point of view. If the forumite and moderator|administrator reach an impasse, the forumite can always contact an[other] administrator to request a review of the infraction.

I had a look at your list of infractions which I will not discuss here in detail, except to say that I recommend that you send a p.m. to the relevant moderator(s)|administrator(s) and request a review [where you believe you can motivate a review].

I will however point out that you do have one [and only one] old infraction that is set to never expire, and since the policy changed a while back to issue expiring infractions, you could ask the relevant moderator to replace that never expiring infraction with an expiring infraction. Many of the infractions you have received in the past, are already expired.

The process of replacing an expiring infraction consists of reversing the non-expiring infraction and issuing a new expiring infraction against the same post.


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Jul 13, 2007
ic actually rescinded a bunch of infractions by him a while back. I know because i had one perm infract removed at the time.
Which is proof of what?
Don't ruin a good conspiracy theory!?