Ink Tank Printer Recommendation


The Boar's Rock
May 19, 2009
I need to buy a new printer for home use.

Use is mainly for school related projects and a small business. Both require colour prints. Prints where I can adjust quality (especially for where I need to print orders for my business where quality is important).

Need to scan documents.

Something I can network to a home network (cable or WiFi) is a bonus.

Willing to spend R 3,000 - R 7,000.

Ink tank printers make the most sense because I need to be economical in cost per print.

Epson has appeal, but I am not blinkered.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance :)


Expert Member
Jan 29, 2009
Go to Makro - they have the HP415 at about R2000 with an extra bottle of black ink that should last 15 000 pages. The colours are specced to last about 5000 but should last longer if you don't do much colour.
It is a fairly basic printer/scan/copier and has a great concept for the refill bottles so wont make a mess when refilling. Print speed is reasonable - I found the initial Epson ink tank printers to be very slow. A number of people I know have the HP and are very happy with it.

I have a Canon ink tank 3400 and haven't refilled in about a year and a half - black is now almost finished. It is significantly more expensive than the HP and the HP is possibly better with its software suite.