Insufficient privileges to comment


Honorary Master
Aug 31, 2008
Hi, I was a long-term lurker here, long-term forum user elsewhere, who registered here a while ago and would like to participate. I'm confused, though, about this rule.

I've been participating in the discussion of tawdry's situation in his/her Sectional Title scheme, and thought that was interesting. I had the ability to read what others posted, to like some of their posts, to write my contribution and some of what I wrote was liked. That seemed to be trundling along nicely. Now, however, I've discovered that I have insufficient privileges. This seems to mean that I can no longer participate in that thread.

I've spent a while trying to find a set of rules or stickies that might explain this, but so far haven't understood it. I'd be grateful for links, if there are written rules about this kind of detail. Thanks.

Please could someone point out to me if I've inadvertently broken a forum rule, which might be the reason that I'm now able to take part less than I was a few days ago? Is there a way to be demoted?

Thanks very much.
You need 30 posts for some parts of the forum (it might have been a glitch if you got to post in one of those without the post count).

Go into the games section and participate in a few games threads, you'll soon have 30 posts.