Intel’s 10th-generation desktop CPUs leaked


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Sep 10, 2016
I doubt anything is going to ruin a company the size of Intel, but the 10nm has been a disaster for them. Not because it's 10nm, which as mentioned doesn't mean anything compared to 7nm, but because the 10nm plan just hasn't worked out for them. They obviously had no idea how extreme the technical side of it would be.

AMD isn't destroying Intel because it's on 7nm, but because the 7nm plan actually worked out for them and could be brought to market.
The 10nm dies have been in development hell for a considerably long time, which is what I am referring to. It has gotten to the point where they cannot stop and start again with little ramification(Money wasted). They have to see the project through even if it only begins to generate a profit after 5 years and numerous updates.