Internet legends of South Africa

Jamie McKane

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Mar 2, 2016
Internet legends of South Africa

The Internet in South Africa, and the telecommunications sector in general, would have looked very different if it weren’t for passionate techies.

South Africa’s history is filled with people who challenged Telkom’s monopoly, for example, and helped drive down the cost to connect.


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May 4, 2012
For me "internet legends" are the first people on the scene that made a major impact. Mike Lawrie and IS would be on that list. Mweb and Vumatel not as they didn't do anything new and only followed a trend.


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May 24, 2010
Andrew Alston should also deserve a mention ;)
I 100% agree with this, there is a lot we owe to this man!
Posted this on the front page and thought it would be cool to have here.

Sadly, the nature of lists like these is that they end up excluding some people.

Michele (McCann) has done tremendous work. She was also a speaker at a MyBB conference, if memory serves (a Cloud and Hosting conference perhaps?).

While we're expanding my list with names of people involved with IXPs: Lex, Andrew, Ant, Graham. (Nishal was mentioned in the comment I replied to.)

Then on other fronts there are the Mophatlane brothers, Dominic Cull, Reinhardt Buys (RIP), Gian Visser, Andrew Alston, and Angus Hay just to name a few others...

Several notable people in the cellular industry also didn't make this list either (only AKC is there).

There will never be a way to have a complete list, but that's not a reason to have no list at all.
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