INX-ZA exchange point launched in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha)


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May 24, 2010
INX-ZA launches Eastern Cape Internet exchange point

INX-ZA has announced the launch of a new Internet exchange point in Nelson Mandela Bay, which it says will help boost the growth and development of the Eastern Cape Internet ecosystem.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Internet Exchange Point (NMBINX) is the fourth Internet exchange point in South Africa operated by INX-ZA.
“From June, if a consumer is making use of an ISP based in Nelson Mandela Bay, instead of the content being backhauled all the way from Johannesburg, it can be served locally,” it says.

“The ISP saves on costs and this could be passed on to the consumer.”
I'll be on the lookout for Axxess (the only significant Gqeberha based ISP I know of) dropping their fibre prices, then. (Frogfoot in particular, in my case).

Maybe I'll then jump on board the fibre train. Doubt it'll happen, but I live in hope.
So there's enough traffic going through that region to justify it. Interesting.
The first node of the NMBINX is located in Gqeberha — formerly Port Elizabeth — at Dimension Data’s facility in Newton Park. It will begin its operations during the first week of June 2023.
@Jan I think DD has been in Fairview, or is it Overbaakens, for a while now.
Looks like the data center is here at the old mutual building.

There is also already a peering DB entry for it:
Heh, that is right next to my old place of work. I actually saw a big for sale sign on the building when I drove past there today