IP Address that Blackberry service connects to Email servers


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Dec 3, 2010
Does anyone possibly know what the IP address is that the BB mobile email service connects with to email servers.

I ask ask this because I have an email account set up on my bb that keeps receiving that oh so great email from blackberry saying that it cannot connect to my email providers servers. The problem is easily resolved when I contact my provider and ask them to simply clear their firewall. The moment that they do this all my emails are delivered again.
I now need this id address so that they can create some kind of rule to allow the ip address access so that I don't waste my time calling into their center requesting the firewall be cleared each time.

Your informed and speedy reply will be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 5, 2007
Hi William894 - unfortunately RIM doesn't use a single server/IP to collect your mails, connections don't even come from a uniform block of IPs. Load balancing and varying demands on the service mean they are likely to use many different servers, and may change these on a regular or automated basis, making the publication of a whitelist difficult.

Without passing judgement, perhaps you should chat to your provider about this? Many, many people use BlackBerry services and most email administrators should have a good idea how to prevent these lockouts from happening to their customers. It shouldn't be up to you to give them specific IP addresses for IMAP/POP/OWA access, abuse is easy to prevent without resorting a whitelist-only approach - it's their job to watch their logs. =)

Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance!


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Jan 24, 2008
Your ISP has over-secured their server if thats happening, RIM connects through the standard POP/IMAP ports so therefore the IP Address should be a non-issue unless your ISP has set the Firewall to Steroid High Security, best is to tell them to stop being such a bunch of over paranoid morons and set those ports to "Open to All" as there should be no form of blocking on those ports under any circumstances.

I used to have all my mails @ webafrica and used to have a similar problem, started around the time mweb started with its open peering, a friend then suggested to me that seeing as i own my domain i use the standard version of google apps, i signed up and replaced webafricas MX records with googles and have not seen that e-mail since. The other advantage of that is using google you can auto sync your calendar and contacts to your "gmail" you also do not loose your domain name or email address so it will still be yourname@yourdomain.ext or whatever. Another advantage of using gmail is gmail itself is a push service, where RIM checks your POP/IMAP every 10-20 min gmail literally pushes the email from their servers to RIMS servers, i have tested it and instead of receiving the mail within the next few minutes i get it with 5-15 seconds.

Obviously you cannot do this if you are using say and "@telkomsa.net" address, what you can do, and as far as i know telkom is the only ISP that blocks this, is to autoforward to a gmail address, as soon as it makes it to ur ISP server it will forward it to gmail and then get pushed directly to your phone from there, another 1 is to setup gmail to check your pop mail, but that also only happens once an hour, i think there is a LAB addon to shorten that but i don't use that so i can't test it.