IPv6 capable VPS providers in South Africa


Mar 8, 2011
I just asked six different South African VPS providers if they could give me a server with an IPv6 address. All six said "no", they only do IPv4. Now I'm wondering if I have somehow teleported back to pre-2012... :(

I'm sure some of the enterprise, private cloud-type providers can do this. But what I'm looking for is a spin-up-a-small-VPS-on-demand-via-our-web-page type provider, who's not going to get hugely complex about one tiny little VPS. I've been doing this with entry-level VPS servers in Europe since around 2010.

Does anyone know any reputable VPS provider hosting in South Africa who can provide reliable native IPv6 to a Linux VPS? Preferably one who didn't implement IPv6 yesterday...