Is Afrihost currently down?

Yup - def looks like an auth issue - do they still use RADIUS servers - not sure how the new tech works.
Could be a Windows NT server with an expired SSL cert :D

The Openserve PPPOE servers are still there when I do a PPPOE scan from my Mikrotik, but the PPPOE credentials fail when authenticating.
The one area that DSL trumped fibre was switching your ISP, you paid telkom for the line anyway so to switch ISP you simply cancelled with the existing one, got new credentials from another ISP and changed them in the router. Done.

With fibre it's a much bigger schlep, I even had to bloody drive to JHB to drop off webafrica's router when I moved to afrihost, massive pain in the arse to move your fibre - which is lucky for afrihost because I think they would be losing a lot of people right now if it was easy.
Moved my family over to a spare pppoe account from a different ISP. They've been hard down w/afrihost since 9am.

I've only had that blip on my line last night but internet has been fine on my end non afrihost.
This is ridiculous. Where can we sign up for a capped data-only package with a different ISP, to use in the meantime?

And will I be able to dial it from 4 different lines/routers. Need like 600GB.. LTE backup ain't cutting.
Unable to login to the Afrihost Clientzone now, getting "Invalid login". Something weird is going on.
Flip, when things take this long to fix and when a company is this quiet, it smells like some sort of security incident like DDOS or ransomware or something external that is not fully under their control.
good thing i still got my free 20gig cybersmart pppoe from many years ago
I would advise Computer Hut as an ISP of choice. Very great dudes, friendly and actually take pride in their work.

The fact that they took out a few contracts with me helps too.
Three hours since last update on the AH network status - can we get an update please.
Keeping quiet in these times is the worst thing a provider can do.