Is Afrihost currently down?

I am on Afrihost and Openserve Western Cape and lucky no issues with my connection.
Same, been able to log into cameras etc all day. But my early warning of connectivity issues (family Whatsapp chat) is far more reliable and not a peep from them. Will do a speed test when I get home.
I recommend UptimeRobot. It pings your WAN gateway at the frequency of your choosing. If a set amount of pings fail then it will notify you that your connection is down on your phone through SMS, phonecall and/or app push notification (assuming you're on a different working network). You can whitelist the incoming remote IP ranges and permit ICMP only for those IP ranges.
Not sure if it make any difference, I have a Nokia ONT, Asus router with only IPv4 not dual stack IPv4 and IPv6
Yep, looks like Openserve Afrihost Brooklyn, Pretoria getting hammered. Can't say the same happening off my other ISP lines over the same FNO so think this might be just an Afrihost issue?
MTU somehow got changed to MAX 1500 on my Mikrotik.. Set that to auto and now getting 1492, but yeah connecting, terminating, rinse and repeat
Guess I'm lucky, no disconnects on AH since the usual one yesterday on openserve WC. Maybe it's only when ppp has to reconnect that it starts