It took the SA Post Office 81 days to deliver a letter, which should take only 3 days


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Mar 12, 2008
if the SAPO is so slow then why did our friendly Scamral decide to use them to deliver invoices?

knowing they are slower than a horse and human messenger from 2000 years ago?


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May 21, 2018
Maybe it's not SAPO's fault but the fault of the ANC by constantly increasing the price of fuel. Perhaps SAPO can't afford to fill up the tank of their sole vehicle anymore, but it's not a problem for government big wigs to top up the tanks of their Bentley's every other day.


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Jun 30, 2010
One just needs to plan properly. A family member gets a birthday card every year from Australia. The sender knows that the delivery time is typically 11 to 12 months and sends it off early.


Feb 7, 2012
I ordered 3 sets of Playing Dice I'm still waiting for.

26 April 2018 - Initial order placed for 3 sets of D&D playing dice.
30 April 2018 - Order sent from supplier in UK.
02 May 2018 - Royal Mail received package and same day ships to SA
Mid June 2018 - Contact SAPO, they have no idea where my package is.
Start of July 2018 - Contact SAPO, still nothing.
Mid July 2018 - After weeks of trying ALOT I got through to JIMC. Their precise words were "We have your post here, but we were on a strike." Asked the person when the package arrived at JIMC they said "It was in June" asked how a strike in July could hold up my post that was there "In june". Person avoids questions and before she put down the phone said "We have alot of bags."
13 August 2018 - Tried many more times to get hold of anyone at JIMC with no luck. However contacted SAPO again and they said the package was only on their system on 12 August.
15 August 2018 - Last update on original tracking number. "Package left inward office" Contacted SAPO to speak to a supervisor to get a reference number for ICASA complaint. Also this time I got local tracking number.
10 September 2018 - Contacted ICASA to make a complaint after getting a reference number about complaint made with SAPO which was not resolved in time. ICASA sent mail from "" and stated in bold to "PS - Do not send your reply to this email address as it will not get the attention it deserves. Please send your complaint to"
12 October 2018 - Personal stuff kept me busy and I could only register complaint to ICASA this day.
15 October 2018 - ICASA updated me saying the package has now been sent to Cape Mail Hub.
18 October 2018 - Update from PostOffice says package is still at Cape Customs office
22 October 2018 - Get a phone call saying the package should be at local post office ready for pick up the following day.
24 October 2018 (today) - Still no word on package at local post office.


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Dec 16, 2013
Beyond me how our President Rama was supposed to be much better. He should step on some toes, but receives his salary so why rock the boat, he is as useless as all of them. Cancelled my P.O.Box using postnet R55 more but mail excluding gemors received as expected, why support SAPO

Eat my shorts

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Jun 9, 2018
I have stopped buying anything international except via courier,

I still receive packages from sapo like a lucky packed It holds a surprise, I don't remember what I ordered....

Area code 2092.... Package can go to 3x branches Booysens, Brixton or Westhoven.

Last pickup slip was send to wrong suburd....they can't read, nevermind deliver post.

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Jun 4, 2010
After waiting a reasonable period for a parcel from Norway I claimed from insurance. Eight months later the parcel arrived. Go figure.